The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Hey there! I’m sure you are here because you’d want more information about how you can start working from the comfort of your own home. As cheesy as it may sound, but you are in luck, my friend! Enter – The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Virtual Assistant.

Everything you’ll read in this guide is based on my personal experience, my lessons learned, other VAs’ experience, tips I learned from credible VA mentors and seasoned Virtual Assistants and my own research. So, it is straightforward and honest.

My aim is to give you a clear overview of what to expect before you decide to work in your jammies BUT earn like a corporate executive in a sharp-looking (but uncomfortable) suit. 😉 You’ll soon find out what I mean…

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The answers to frequently asked work from home questions
  • How to identify your strengths and weaknesses so you know what you can offer
  • Where to find clients looking for Virtual Assistants from the Philippines


Work from Home Ultimate Guide

VA Success Story: Liberty Baldovino aka The Youthful Granny VA

Liberty Baldovino has been one of the most interviewed Virtual Assistant last 2016. For one, she has been featured by Freelance Blend Founder and Host, Marvin de Leon. To watch the interview, click the play button below:

I’ve also gone ahead and reached out to her to ask her 5 simple and straightforward questions about her Virtual Assistant journey. Read on…

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How To Outsource SEO And Improve Traffic

How To Outsource SEO And Improve TrafficSince 1997, there have been individuals espousing their belief that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is dead. They claim SEO and its by- the- numbers tactics of increasing search by using Title, Meta and H1 tags have outlived its purpose. The truth is SEO is very much alive and well and significantly more relevant today than ever before.

SEO – Is it Just About Getting Found Online?

Business and life as we know it has become dependent on technology. If you’re not maintaining some kind of presence on the Internet, you are undermining all of your efforts to grow your business. Businesses have recognized the importance of being found online because nearly half of the world is online every single day.

More than 3.5 Billion people are on the Internet daily; searching for information and content that could address a concern, a need or a general interest. There are more than 1 Billion websites operating on the Internet; all of them competing for every consumer that launches a search query related to their industry or value proposition.

Competition for markets is fierce. You need every advantage you can get to stay ahead of everyone else. Social media, content marketing and Pay- Per- Click advertising are all proven strategies for generating interest. But without the foundation of a solid SEO program, they will be rendered ineffective.

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What Every Small Business Owner Should Learn from President Rodrigo Duterte

I couldn’t help it! I just have to blog about the takeaways I got from Al Jazeera’s  interview with President Rodrigo Duterte. I think a lot of his views (agreeable or not) can be applied by small business owners. Remember that Virtual Assistants are considered business owners too, so read on…

Important Note: Consider the “idea” and not necessarily the strategy or implementation.

Watch the interview first:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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5 Reasons Why Virtual Assistants Need to Quit Working with Their Client

Why Virtual Assistants Need to Quit Working with Their Client“You don’t drown by falling in water; you only drown if you stay there.” -Zig Ziglar

This is true for every Virtual Assistant who wants to be successful and yet find it difficult to let go of the very thing that’s holding them back. Ironic it may seem but part of growing your business is to know when to let go of clients. There are varying reasons why you must let go of a client, here are my top five:

Let go if you are being disrespected.

Respect breeds respect. That should always be the scenario. No compromises. The best way to show respect in a business relationship is to show professionalism. True. There is no need to establish friendship at the early stages of your working relationship with your client but that doesn’t mean you don’t expect your client to be friendly. (And yes, a client can be a friend eventually.)

When a client starts to be rude or disrespectful, treats you unfairly or is overly-critical of your work, or does something inappropriate or offensive, needs to be given a pink slip. It is best to cut quickly and to cut clean; otherwise the abuse will affect your quality of work. What do you say when firing a disrespectful client? Here’s an example:

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Lessons Learned from Remote Executive Assistant, Rea Yadao

In this blog post, I’ll share with you my interview with Rea Yadao, a Remote Executive Assistant and Training and Development Lead of

Let me give you a background of Rea by sharing with you her introduction video here:

Now that you’ve gotten to know Rea a little by watching the video, why not get to know her more?  Read on as Rea shares some of her lessons learned from being an online professional, some tools of the trade and valuable Virtual Assistant tips.

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The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Virtual Assistant

7 Habits of a Highly Effective Virtual AssistantAre you struggling with productivity? Have you ever felt that you are not being heard by your client? Have you asked yourself “What else can I do to reach my goal of being an effective Virtual Assistant? Are you finding it hard to have work-life balance?

If yes, then, it is high time to change your habits.

American author, educator and businessman Stephen Covey identified “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” he has studied, met and worked with in his life. These seven habits are so timeless and universal that it can help you achieve your goals as an effective Virtual Assistant.

First of all, you need to understand that forming a new habit is not automatic, you have to work for it, and it may take more than a month to form a new habit.  But as long as your goal for success is clear, then your path to forming these seven new habits should be enjoyable.

Let’s go through these 7 habits. The first three habits you need to acquire also helps you achieve independence and self-mastery.

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30 Sites Offering Free Training for Virtual Assistants

30 Sites offering Free Training for Virtual AssistantsAre you an aspiring Virtual Assistant who is paralyzed by the fear of not having the right skills to offer? Or are you an experienced VA who would want to stay competitive in this industry? Are you looking for a way to learn without spending a single dime? The way to solve this dilemma is to start harnessing your skills or learning a new one with free training for Virtual Assistants.

Virtual assistance as a career has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. An increasing number of individuals and companies are now relying on Virtual Assistants more than ever. VAs  have evolved from just being able to help in the day to day tasks of a business. VAs are now considered experts in their field.

This means, the VA industry has become a competitive market with experienced people in various fields joining the fray. One way to keep up with the growing market is to evolve as a knowledgeable Virtual Assistant who has the skills and the certification to prove it.

Fortunately, there are many free training for Virtual Assistants offered online. These are guaranteed to equip you with the skills you need to be a successful Virtual Assistant. Here’s a list of 30 websites offering free resources:
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Virtual Assistant Success Story: Nina Mendoza

Virtual Assistant Success Story from Nina MendozaThis week, I’d like to share another Virtual Assistant success story from Nina Mendoza. Nina is the Founder of New Smart Marketing Strategies.  She helps business owners grow their business by generating more leads and sales using updated and proven Digital Marketing strategies.

Currently, she heads the Facebook Marketing arm of an agency based in the United States.  She also consulted and advised different brands in markets such as: real estate, food and restaurants, apparels, information products, events, health and fitness, subscription boxes/products, professional services and many more…

Learn more about Nina as she answers the following questions:

  • When and how did you get started as a Virtual Assistant?
  • What challenges did you have to go through to become a successful VA?
  • What are the 3 most important things to consider before working with a client?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What books do you read?

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16 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Know

social media toolsAre you a social media manager who is constantly looking for tools to use so you can effectively deliver your work? If you are, then, that’s normal.

There is nothing wrong with you. No need to go nuts about it. 😀

But, I’m hoping this list I’ve compiled will help you lessen your burden of searching for the right tool to use.

8 Tools to Create Captivating Images

Every social media update is not just about the saying the right words that your audience can resonate with. It is also about creating really captivating images. Here are a few online tools you can use:


I am a big fan of Canva. I love that it has a drag-and-drop interface that lets you design stunning graphics for just about anything – from social media images,  ebooks, .pdfs to presentations. Choose from their pre-designed templates or use your own imagination. Still struggling in conceptualizing your design? No worries. Canva is offering a free course on Creativity – click here to learn more.  Here’s one image I made using Canva:

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5 Tips to Start Your Work From Home Career from Sarie San Pablo

5 Tips to Start Your Work From Home Career from Sarie San PabloSarie San Pablo is an active administrator of Philippine Virtual Assistants Network. This is where I got to know Sarie. I love how she keeps things organized in the group. I’ve asked her how it is to be PVAN’s admin and asked her insights about how an aspiring VA can start a work from home career fast.

A brief background about Sarie: She was a corporate manager for over ten years before she left the corporate rat race and became an online professional in 2009. Competition was not as tough as now during those times but because of hard work, diligence and professionalism, she has able to survive the tough times of being an at will online professional. She started her online work as a writer and is now servicing clients from C-Level executives Australia, the UK and USA as an Administrative Assistant. She’s married with 4 grown up kids, 2 girls and 2 boys – the eldest, a girl, getting married this 15 Jul 2016 in Malaysia and the youngest a boy, already in Grade 9.

Sarie always believe that working at home is a mindset and skills are learned while attitude to work is inherent.

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