10 Practical Tips to Improve your Blog Writing Skills

10 Practical Tips to Improve your Blog Writing Skills

There are many ways for you to still improve your blog writing skills. If you are reading this, then you are probably one of the many freelance content writers today who are looking to make their skills more competitive. It is a challenging task, but it is definitely doable.

Write frequently

Like other muscles in your body, your brain needs practice. Writing is a skill like any other. One of the best ways to improve your blog writing skills is to just write. Write as frequently as possible. Keep a document in your laptop and turn it into a journal. Not everything you write needs to be published, but just writing as a practice can help you hone your skills. Pretty soon, as with speaking or walking, you will write as if it were second nature.

Brush off the block

You are stumped. You are in that legendary writer’s block and you have been stuck in that phase for almost a week. Stop editing yourself in your head. The things you write need not be perfect the first time you see them on the screen. They are first drafts, which means that you can always sift through the fluff and keep the good parts. You can turn the good parts into other articles which could be of some use to you. One thing is for sure: if you let that block beat you, you won’t be able to write for a long time. So just write. Write for the sake of writing. Brush it off even if you think the thing you wrote felt inferior to your past works.

Read more

You cannot be insular if you want to write well. You need to read other writers. You need to psychologically converse with other ideas. Good writing has gravitas and you will not get much gravitas if you are stuck in your own small little world. Enrich your knowledge and take note of other writers’ styles and voices–the information they have to offer. Use it to your advantage and learn from them. No matter how long you have been writing, you can always learn.

Find your voice

We’re not telling you to stick to one voice or persona when you write all your blog articles. However, finding your own voice amidst all the noise online can make your blog edgier. It will also help you write like it’s second nature. To find your voice, practice writing. Get a journal and jot something down. Keep a private blog where you can explore different voices. It’s good to try something out, and when you write in different voices, you will be less attached to your work. This way, you will see that first drafts can always be improved. They are never really in their final form.

Review your grammar

Most people who write blogs online have English as their first language. The problem with this is that these writers do not care to review basic grammar and punctuation rules anymore. Always remember that even if you are comfortable in the language, you can always improve. Brush up on your grammar rules and the next time you revise your blog article, take special notes on the grammar errors you might have made. Nitpicking on your own work after you’ve written it can help you not only publish one good work but help you Improve Your Blog Writing Skills as well.

Do not rush

Search a random topic online. Click on the most popular article available. There is an 80% chance that the blog will be unsatisfactory. Why? It was rushed. It had no meat. It had plenty of errors making it hard to read. It was bereft of style like the one who wrote it was writing just to beat a deadline. While there will be instances as a freelancer when you are pressed for time, you must always try not to rush. Try to be productive and plan or draft your article when you feel like you are not yet in the mood to write. When you’re finally in your groove, mark the areas you can still improve and put some elbow grease in trying to make your article better. Don’t forget to save revised versions just in case your latest improvement disappointed you.

Proofread and revise

Don’t publish any article without reading it again. If you have the time, you might want to read it more than twice. Check for any type of errors. If you see parts which seem hollow or meatless, do research and make your blog article better than its previous version.

Write solidly

A solid blog article is like a solid argument. You can’t do much to question it because you know that the person who wrote it researched a lot about the topic. The article might have loopholes still, but you know that these are areas which were thought about. Regardless of the imperfections, the article has a lot of information–a lot of meat. Write this way instead of just dishing out generic articles that are just echoing what others have already written about. If you cannot offer new ideas, at least be good at curating valuable ones.

Accept feedback

If you really want to write well, you need to accept the feedback of your readers. We are not saying that you should always bend to what they want you to write, or how they think you should write. Not all readers are right. But not all of them are wrong, either. Consider their comments and see how you can use the comments constructively. Do they think you sounded whiny in your blog? Then consider what areas your “voice” might be lacking in. Is your persona limiting the wider perspective your blog article could have held?

Assess your writing

While you are thinking about the feedback you have gotten in your past article, you might want to assess your own article. Try to see it as just text–something that you did not write. By trying to look at your article as an outsider, you might see most of its flaws easier. This is not to reduce your confidence in your writing. Look at yourself and your writing skill as a work in progress. This way, you’ll know you always have room for improvement.

Be brief

Avoid long sentences. You should try to remove the fillers in your blog. This way, you can be brief. By being brief, you also make sure that your blog has more useful information and not just fluff.

What other practical tips to improve your blog writing skills can you add to the list? 🙂

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