12 Hilarious “Truths” About Working from Home

real skype meeting

Image from 365 Days of Genie

The Virtual Assistant or work-from-home lifestyle is not always about convenience, freedom or awesome things!

It’s a lot of hard work, getting your hands dirty, sleepless nights, distractions, zits and a whole lot of other hilarious things!

Let’s just call the whole scenario – the Yin and the Yang of working from home!

Here’s some funny images I’ve seen online about working from home and freelancing…

– The Real Skype Meeting
– The Struggle with Bedgasm
– Your Built-in Designer Bags
– How Working From Home Can Mess with Your Head
– Working From Home and Other People’s Home
– Freelance Panic
– The Work from Home Cycle
– Diary of a Freelancer
– Work From Home Mums are The Best Multi-Taskers
– Don’t dare knock!
– When the bed and the laptop vie for attention.
– Only Filipino Freelancers would understand…

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Image from Quote Words

Image from Quote Words


Image from Fannie Lucille

Image from Invisible Bread

Image from Invisible Bread

work from home

Image from Hopwork's Pinterest board

freelancing panic

Image from SomeEcards

cycle of freelancing

Image from Aprill Brandon

diary of a freelancer

Image from Laughing Redhead

virtual assistant joke

Stumbled upon Amber's Virtual Journal

Image from LifeHacker

Image from LifeHacker

Kiki Schirr illustration

Image from Tech Doodles

Image from Manix Abrera

Image from Manix Abrera

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