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Hey there, awesome! I started this blog because I understand the challenges of starting out and thriving as a professional working from home. My aim is to empower aspiring and fellow Virtual Assistants by sharing tips, inspiring stories and lessons learned about the Virtual Assistant industry. Get to know me more by visiting the "About Me" page. :) Cheers!

10 Virtual Assistant Myths Debunked

Virtual Assistant Myths Debunked

In a previous blog post, I answered the question – What is a Virtual Assistant? This time, I would like to dispel some Virtual Assistant myths. This is a collection of myths I used to believe when I didn’t know better, those that I’ve heard from people who are not VAs and comments I’ve read in social media. Myth #1: “I have an internet connection and a computer. Boom! I can be a Virtual Assistant.” Truth: While it maybe be easy for some to invest in all the necessary equipment to start working as a VA, there is so much more […]

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What the Fudge is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant

Allow me to wallow in a bit of a flashback mood… I promise this won’t me mushy… just a flashback. 😀 Sometime in 2009, at a reunion with friends, I was asked about the work that I do. I said, I am a Virtual Assistant. “What is Virtual Assistant?”, they asked. I answered, “Well, I am a work-from-home secretary.” Remembering that conversation makes me cringe. (More on the reason why in my future blog posts…) But then again I have to forgive myself because I was a newbie VA then. I didn’t know better. Back to the story… I started to get a lot of Facebook messages […]

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Are You a Busy Bee? Have You Gone Junkie?

The Busy Bee

Everybody’s schedules are cramped with work, errands, parenting, friends and hobby. It seems like people nowadays fear idle time. “Busy” people are bored without mental or physical activity, making activities as somewhat proof of their existence…

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