Virtual Assistant Tips

Virtual Assistant Tips from The Techie Mentor – Susan Mershon, PMP

Virtual Assistant Tips from The Techie Mentor

It’s that “PMP” behind her name that caught my attention. I have such high respect for certified project managers because I am aware of what they do to get there and keep their certification. It’s a “lifetime” commitment. I started following Susan Mershon, PMP otherwise known as The Techie Mentor, last year. Her skills, knowledge and the way her training programs were organized really screamed “kickass project manager/mentor”. Susan mentors Virtual Assistants in building their business. Through her coaching, training and mentoring programs she shares the roadmap she used to build her 6-figure VA business. In my latest blog post, […]

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My Remote Staff Experience

remote staff

I had an opportunity to work from home for the first time as a Virtual Assistant subcontractor for Remote Staff. I remember very vividly that 1 text message from my friend who asked me if I wanted to work from home. I never had a second thought and told her “yes” because first, I trusted her and second, I just left my job and my savings are depleting as fast as Bruce Willis’ hair. I was so excited to learn about the opportunity of working from home. This came in as an answered prayer at that time because I just […]

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My Recommended 5 Must-Have Virtual Assistant Tools

Essential Virtual Assistant Tools

Working as a Virtual Assistant is all about tools, tools, tools. The funny thing is, you source out and use one tool then before you know it, a new and better tool is already available. It can get a bit confusing. There’s this feeling that you are using an outdated tool when a new and better version is out there. So, I think the most important thing is to know what you truly need. “Better” doesn’t always mean it’s for you. Let me share with you the 5 essential Virtual Assistant tools that you will need as you start taking on […]

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Virtual Assistant Tips from President of Australian Virtual Assistants Association, Kathie Thomas

Virtual Assistant Tips from President of Australian Virtual Assistants Association, Kathie Thomas

When I started as a Virtual Assistant in 2009, one of the names that keeps popping up in Google when I search for “virtual assistant” is Kathie Thomas of A Clayton’s Secretary. I remember it so well because she served as an inspiration – without her knowing it. 🙂 I admired her commitment to the field but more importantly her generosity to share what she knows to aspiring VAs so they can be as successful as her. I saw Kathie active in a Facebook group for Virtual Assistants offering advice and sharing nuggets of wisdom to anyone who needs it. […]

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Virtual Assistant Career: Is it for you?

Virtual Assistant Career

Deciding to become a Virtual Assistant or to work-from-home is not an easy decision. Especially since most of us are trained to be “good employees of large corporations”. Not that there is anything wrong with that… (Well, maybe there is… we’ll touch that later.) What I am saying is, some of us may not actually fit the whole “corporate mould”. For various reasons like – personality type, disability, lifestyle, age or maybe even values, etc… So how do you know if a Virtual Assistant career is for you? Here are 5 tips:

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10 Virtual Assistant Myths Debunked

Virtual Assistant Myths Debunked

In a previous blog post, I answered the question – What is a Virtual Assistant? This time, I would like to dispel some Virtual Assistant myths. This is a collection of myths I used to believe when I didn’t know better, those that I’ve heard from people who are not VAs and comments I’ve read in social media. Myth #1: “I have an internet connection and a computer. Boom! I can be a Virtual Assistant.” Truth: While it maybe be easy for some to invest in all the necessary equipment to start working as a VA, there is so much more […]

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What the Fudge is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant

Allow me to wallow in a bit of a flashback mood… I promise this won’t me mushy… just a flashback. 😀 Sometime in 2009, at a reunion with friends, I was asked about the work that I do. I said, I am a Virtual Assistant. “What is Virtual Assistant?”, they asked. I answered, “Well, I am a work-from-home secretary.” Remembering that conversation makes me cringe. (More on the reason why in my future blog posts…) But then again I have to forgive myself because I was a newbie VA then. I didn’t know better. Back to the story… I started to get a lot of Facebook messages […]

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Are You a Busy Bee? Have You Gone Junkie?

The Busy Bee

Everybody’s schedules are cramped with work, errands, parenting, friends and hobby. It seems like people nowadays fear idle time. “Busy” people are bored without mental or physical activity, making activities as somewhat proof of their existence…

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