8 Reasons Why Blogging is Important for your Business

Blogging is Important for your Business

If you are running a business online and you have never once thought about blogging, you are missing out on a good thing. Most online entrepreneurs are successful today because they maintain a blog in their websites. Below are 8 good reasons for you to do so too.

#1: It will help you attract traffic organically

Putting valuable information related to your business in the form of a blog can help your website rank higher in search queries. It’s a very good way to attract readers who might be interested in purchasing your product or getting your service. Of course, you need to learn how to make informative, valuable blog entries to pull this off. Nobody likes a sales pitch when they were promised information.

#2: Blogging can help you make your brand stronger

It’s one of the many ways content marketing can propel you from obscurity to fame. Again, some skill is needed to do this so that your blog entries carry your brand’s personality and voice. Writing blog entries help you be remembered not just by already paying clients, but prospective ones as well. Brand recall is a big deal.

#3: You can establish your expertise with your blog

With blogging, you can earn the trust of your clients. If for example, you are running a store online that sells baby things, writing about childcare would benefit your business. If you write about the best toys that develop cognitive skills in babies, this information will not just help prospective clients choose the right toys from your catalogue. This blog entry also gives the impression that you care because you took the time to research about toys that would benefit your clients’ children. Now, that would foster client loyalty.

#4: You can get invited to speaking engagements

Little did some bloggers know that they would soon be invited as speakers to events where they can market their products for free. Such opportunities never existed before they started blogging. The same can happen to you. If you gain enough following with your blog, you can inspire people and be invited to their events. This exposes you to prospective clients who can then check out your store.

#5: Writing regular blogs lets you know your business better

Business owners who venture into blogging are constantly engaged in the learning process. When you have a scheduled calendar of blog topics to write, you force yourself to research more about the industry you belong to. Some businesses die because they stagnate. Blogging can prevent this from happening to you.

#6: You can connect with your clients better

Blogging encourages conversation. You don’t have to spy on your clients anymore to get to know them better. By writing blog entries that converse rather than state fixed ideas, you encourage dialogue in your comments section. This helps you get valuable market data without spending too much money.

#7: Your efforts in blogging can be seen long term

While initially, blogging might come off as too much effort, any online business owner will swear by their blog’s ability to convert traffic into sales. A good blog entry attracts a wide range of readers, and if you managed to write something universally true, then your content can hold water for years. It took you an hour to write that blog and you will be getting many years’ worth of income from it.

#8: It can be rejuvenating

When you are only crunching numbers, running your business can make you feel exhausted. Some business owners suffer a sort of fatigue when their business is reduced to numbers. Blogging is a good way to recharge. It’s a good way to remind yourself about the things you love about your product or business. It helps you renew your faith in what you are selling.

Do you blog? What are the things you love about it?

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