Are You a Busy Bee? Have You Gone Junkie?

The Busy Bee

Everybody is busy these days.

Everybody’s schedules are cramped with activities related to work, personal errands, parenting, friends, what-have-you.

To me, it seems like people nowadays fear idle time.

“Busy” people are bored without mental or physical activity, making activities as somewhat proof of their existence.

But is it really worth it? Why are we doing it?

Being busy is an addiction and that’s the truth.

Here are 5 symptoms that you have gone “junkie”:

Symptom #1: People who like being busy hear voices in their heads saying “Accomplish something.”, “Get it done!”, “You have to do this!”.

Symptom #2: You feel exhausted and hate being busy but you just can not stop. You know you need a break but you refuse to do it because you’ve got tons of things on your to-do list.

Symptom #3: You know you’ve got a lot to do but you keep on looking for more things to do – making sure you’ve got “supplies”.  Basically, taking on more than what you can chew.

Symptom #4: You drop hobbies you used to enjoy and stop hanging out with friends you love. You think people don’t “get you” anymore. So you would rather work in isolation/be isolated and do your own stuff!

Symptom #5: You refuse to acknowledge that you are too busy and that you need help. You think you are perfectly fine! It’s all the people on earth who has gone cuckoo!

If you start to suspect that you’ve become a busy bee junkie, here are 3 simple steps to deal with your addiction head on!

Step 1: Acknowledge it & Get Help!
If you suspect you are a busy bee junkie then you most probably are! Acknowledging your weakness is the first step to finding a solution to any problem.

Get help! Learn to involve other people. Ask your partner, parents, friends and colleagues to help. I’m sure they will understand.

Better yet, learn to let go by delegating. Hire an assistant, a nanny, a helper or a new staff member – whichever suits your situation.

This is the time to make your money work for you! Set aside a budget.

Step 2: Do Nothing.
Move away from your desk and have a break.

Enjoy a good meal, listen to good music or catch up with old friends.

If it will help to take holiday off then by all means – go for it.

Step 3: Plan and Keep your focus.

Resist the urge to be busy just for the sake of being busy.

Aim for productivity. Set your goals.

Prioritize so that you can put aside any task that is not so important.

Remember to reward yourself for your accomplishments no matter how small they are.

This is a good way to motivate you to stay being awesome in getting out of your busy bee addiction.

Have you been a busy bee junkie at one point in your life? How did you get over it?

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