How To Develop Effective Negotiation Skills with Celine Roque

How To Develop Effective Negotiation Skills with Celine Roque

As promised, we haven’t seen the last of Celine Roque’s awesomeness in this blog.

Last time, she shared with us her expert tips about how to strategically look for clients, being productive and a preview of her latest project. Read more about it here…

In this blog post, Celine was kind enough to share with us a short but powerful lesson from Pinoy500 Negotiation Tool Kit that will help freelancers develop effective negotiation skills:

How To Negotiate With Clients Even If You’re Afraid To Do It

Watch it and enjoy!

00:23 – The Story of Two Different Negotiations
01:50 – Hahahahahaha
02:02 – Fast Forward 10 Years Later
03:18 – Extra $5 per hour doesn’t seem much but…
04:43 – Total Project Income Over Time
05:42 – Negotiation is not just for sales people
06:44 – What is a Negotiation?
08:01 – It’s not just about money.
08:48 – Negotiation = Effective Communication
09:12 – You and your clients are equals.
09:37 – That one thing that will put you at a disadvantage…
11:04 – Stop hesitating.
11:59 – The Easy Tactic and The Big Win
15:38 – Dig Deeper
21:08 – Pause and ask yourself.

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