7 Essential Things to Know About Email Marketing

7 Essential Things to Know About Email Marketing

The internet has evolved so much since the 1990s that email marketing has been overlooked by some online entrepreneurs. Little do they know that the email, no matter how “ancient” a channel it may seem, is an understated gateway to loyal clients. Here are things you must remember if you plan to succeed in it.

#1. The email is a sanctuary for most clients.

You cannot just barge in. To do successful email marketing, you must be a gracious guest. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is including a client who has not opted into your mailing list.

#2. The primary goal of email marketing is to establish relationships.

Junk mail on email has the same effect as junk mail on your physical mailbox. They are not likely to get read. Before sales pitching, establish a strong relationship with your clients first. Create emails and newsletters that they would want to read. This doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about publicizing profitable events in your brick and mortar business. Just learn to ask permission from your clients first.

#3. There are mailing services that can help you.

As if to stress the importance of Email Marketing, the number of reputable mailing services you can use has grown. Some of these providers may charge a minimal fee, but if you look at the features they offer, they could make your job so much easier. These features can help you manage your mailing list more effectively by automatically setting the frequency and type of mails you send per client according to their clients’ preferences. Interested? Mailerlite is an easy favorite.

#4. Email marketing is all about keeping promises.

Now that you have gotten a hold of your clients’ preferences, it’s time to deliver. If you promised to send your client mail three times a week, you need to do just that. Any less or any more than that can disappoint and result in unsubscriptions. The same goes for what type of mail you should be sending. If a client clearly stated that they do not want to know about sale announcements, don’t push your luck by inserting a sales pitch. That is unless you can do so very subtly, and make it seem like you are sending an enticing offer.

#5. You need to analyze your conversions somewhere along the way.

At first, you can survive by just simply performing and manufacturing newsletters upon newsletters to bond with your clients. In time, though, you must measure how valuable your marketing efforts are. Most mailing list providers also come with their own analytics. Startups sometimes don’t use them well. This is a shame because this analytics can help you assess which efforts deserve your time and money, and which ones you should drop.

#6. You cannot be vague.

If you must follow a single principle in Email Marketing, it should be clarity. You need to be clear about your goals before starting any email correspondence. You need to be direct and effective in your exchanges. Do not waste their time with lengthy text that they have no use for. That’s a sure way to find yourself in the spam folder. If you must invest in short but strong copies when sending out mails, do so. There are some things you can do on your own as an entrepreneur, but if you can afford the skills of a professional, invest. The growth of your business depends on it.

#7. Email marketing is a good companion to other content marketing strategies.

You should not abandon email marketing, but relying on it solely is just as big a mistake. Just remember that if social media and content marketing are all about cutting through the noise, email marketing is a one-on-one correspondence. It is more intimate, more personalized, and always more quiet which will not stand alone if you are aiming for brand awareness.

What are other email marketing best practices can you think of?

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