How Excelling in Excel Led to a Thriving Freelance Career and Business

Roxy Lineses

Roxanne Lineses, or Roxy, is a Pampanga-based Business Owner, VA Coach and MS Excel Reports Trainer and Consultant with more than 13 years of experience in Business Intelligence Reports Development and Analytics.

She is a Microsoft Excel Reports trainer who is focused in training Corporate Employees, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs how to effectively manage a Database, automate templates and produce Dashboard Reports to help an organization with their decision making.

She owns a small training center in Angeles City Pampanga where she conducts free workshops, coaching sessions and one on one consultation.

She is the creator of GBSS MS Excel Master Online Course, GBSS Virtual Assistance for Beginners and GBSS Commission Based Jobs. There are 6 different organizations and training academies partnered with her to organize events and workshops all over the Philippines.

In this blog post, Roxy will be sharing how she transitioned from being a corporate employee to a freelancer then a business owner.

When did you start your journey to freelancing?

I started part-time around 2011 when I registered in Odesk (now UpWork) and my first job is to log in to my client’s Facebook account and make sure I greet all of his friends who are celebrating their birthdays and that’s instant $50 a week, funny but imagine how easy the work as a VA is before.

Since then, while I am working in a corporate environment, I started accepting more part-time jobs from UpWork and gained a lot of experiences and skills that made my profile attractive to Clients.

Then around September of the year 2016, when a client who owns a BPO company in USA Florida offered me a job to become a Remote Reports Specialist for his company and that’s when I resigned after 10 years of working in different BPO companies, eventually became a full-time freelancer.

The team grew and I hired more home-based Analysts, managed that team for 2 years, accepted more contracts and starting earning 6-digit figures. I fell into a trap of being blinded by my earnings and I didn’t realize that I forgot the reason why I chose to Freelance, which is to have a healthy lifestyle so I can get pregnant since I’ve been married for 5 years now.

After realizing that I wanted to have a more flexible job and a healthy lifestyle, I decided to give up some of my clients and became a Coach so I can help corporate employees transition to online work

What’s your expertise? How did it help you have a thriving career?

My expertise is more on Reports Development and Analytics using Microsoft Excel, with a total of 13 years of experience I have mastered how reporting techniques can benefit any organization when it comes to critical decision making.

Will you please share the story behind establishing Gal220 Business Support Services? What services do you offer?

It was June 2018 when I volunteered to teach Excel to one of the Freelancing groups I found on Facebook and I was overwhelmed by the results. My first FB Live session teaching Excel hit almost 15k views and a lot of those who watched sent me messages thanking me how it helped them as a Freelancer and as a Corporate Employee.

That’s when I realized how important my expertise is, we came up with an Excel Course after a few months and conducted workshops in different places in the Philippines and it has impacted my career growth.

They always say that when you are a Freelancer, you get to do what you really love, and it has always been my dream to become a Computer Teacher and Freelancing helped me achieve that dream.

My students are my inspiration, I want to provide hands-on quality training so I can serve them better.

I wanted to establish the very first Excel and Virtual Assistance Academy in Pampanga so I can help aspiring freelancers and corporate employees achieve their dream.

We offer Classroom and Online Courses for aspiring Virtual Assistants, MS Excel Online and Classroom training for Freelancers or Corporate employees who want to automate their reports and it also serves as a Hub for a group of people who needs a venue for meetings or training.

Give 5 practical tips to those who would like to succeed in being a remote worker?

  1. If you are earning P40,000 because you were a Manager before then you can’t expect to earn the same amount if you are just starting to Freelance, you have to be willing to start small.
  2. Focus on Learning, not in Earning. UpSkill and do not be contented with what you already know.
  3. Freelancing Courses and Workshops are not Magic Pills, they won’t guarantee that you will get a home-based job instantly after completing them.
  4. Remember that you do it for your family, it’s not always about the money, do not get blinded by how much you can earn, always think about your family and why you chose to Freelance.
  5. Health is the greatest gift and Contentment is the greatest Wealth, take care of your body.

If you’d be a superhero, who would you be and why?

I would love to be Dr. Strange and be able to teleport somewhere that I can be alone when I am stressed out. Hahaha!

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