How Remote Work Helped in Divine’s Journey as a Cancer Survivor

How Remote Work Helped in Divine's Journey as a Cancer Survivor

In this blog post, I interviewed Leodivine Quizon. Divine is an Eventologist, Women Empowerment Advocate and a Survivor.

Here are seven questions she graciously answered:

When and how did you start working from home?

I started searching and learning about it when I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer because I had no option but to stay at home for a while. When the doctors declared that I was already free with cancer and fit to go to work, I jumped in right away to help with our financial struggle at that time.

How does being a Virtual Assistant benefit you?

Since it is something I am not familiar with at first, it helped me be more open to learning and I was able to gain friends from the industry because of the different workshops and trainings I attended. Also being a VA helped me financially and until now it is supporting my maintainance supplements and oils. Blessed to share my learnings now with some communities.

What are the challenges that you experience?

It has been a continuing question if this is something I can do? Being that different times required different task, I needed to take a step back and look into the things that interest me so that learning them will be fun. And because I am an extrovert 😊 I also need to balance my activities, social life and being a wife & mom.

How does your usual workday look like?

Monday and Tuesday, I work online with International clients. I will finish all the scheduled postings and deliverables. I sometimes don’t work in my house. I go to coffee shops or co-working spaces because my work demands creativity. I will be honest that my house right now is not ideal, but when needed I still can work in my room because I have a fast internet connection installed in my house.

Wednesday to Saturday, I work offline. I am a freelance events organizer so normally I go around for meetings, ocular and events.

Sunday is my time with my Father (God) and rest.

Do you think knowledge in digital marketing is required to have a thriving VA career?

Yes, and continued practice helps a lot. The great thing right now is that there are a lot of Filipinos who are successful in their chosen field for being an online professional and if you are really interested there are free resources that you can access online and offline.

What do you do for fun?

I meet with friends at least once a week to ensure that I release my stress to them hahaha and to have a good laugh. I also make sure I travel out of the city monthly if possible. I watch my favorite Youtube Celebrity comedians, listen to positive podcast and read a book.

Are you working on any passion project at the moment?

Yes, we are starting with Podcast Pilipinas, we have partnered with an Internationally Renowned Podcast Management Coach. We are offering a course for Podcast Management and I am in the process of preparing to have my podcast started. It is entitled The Voice of Divine – Cancer Journey Stories.

Also, I am the Ambassador of Connected Women Cavite, an international brand organization for women. We do meetups and events to empower women in Cavite.

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