How To Win Your First Upwork Contract by

How To Win Your First Upwork Contract by

I have been receiving questions from my friends, who are interested in working as a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, about how to get work from Upwork (formerly Odesk). Unfortunately, I have no answer to give them because I honestly gave up too easily in building an Odesk profile back when I was starting out in 2009. It was too overwhelming for me.

So, what I send my friends is a link to this webinar video of Cath Quiambao, Founder of

The video is a little more than an hour long but stay tuned until the end because the question and answer bit is very helpful. Here are a few highlights:

5:30 – Why Upwork?
6:34 – Types of Upwork Contracts
9:15 – Milestones & Time Tracker
10:10 – How do I get paid?
11:47 – How much can I earn?
14:35 – What traits are needed?
17:22 – The Application Process
19:54 – Freelancer Basic vs Freelancer Plus
21:31 – What are “connects”?
22:35 – Elements of a Great Upwork Profile
23:10 – How much should you charge?
24:20 – Why should a client hire you?
24:58 – The Importance of Taking Skills Tests
26:14 – 5 Steps to Finding Work and Securing Proposals in Upwork
27:41 – Searching for a Job in Upwork
28:33 – Creating a Winning Cover Letter
30:06 – Important Thing You Need To Know When Bidding
30:58 – No Nonsense Tips on How To Prepare for Your Interview
32:20 – Team App Time Tracker Essentials
35:55 – How To Bid Like a Hunter by Roel Manarang
37:30 – What You Must Do Before Bidding
37:55 – The Truth About Scammers in Upwork
38:51 – Creating a Client Profile Analysis
39:56 – Which Clients to Avoid
40:33 – Competitive Analysis
41:26 – Don’t forget to check the job post status
42:38 – More Tips on Creating a Winning Cover Letter
42:48 – No to Canned Messages

Q & A follows.

What are your key takeaways from the video training? Ready to win your first Upwork contract?

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