How Virtual Assistants Work Well With Clients

How Virtual Assistants Work Well With Clients

Are you wondering how Virtual Assistants work well with clients – especially since there is no in-person interaction?

Well, a Virtual Assistant – Business Owner relationship is just like any other professional relationship. As I always say, to be successful as a Virtual Assistant, you don’t just need to have stellar skills and heaps of experience. Most of the time, successful Virtual Assistants are those who possess a positive attitude and have a sincere willingness to help their client.

Here’s a quick list of things that Virtual Assistants do to keep a good working relationship with their clients:

  • Over communicate and never leave a client hanging about a question or request they sent through email.

    Tip for VAs: Always acknowledge emails even just with a short reply that says you’ve got the email and that you have questions  or none. Provide an end of day report of what you’ve accomplished for the day.

  • Upfront with their shortcomings.

    Tip for VAs: If you will be unable to meet a deadline, make sure you  not just notify your client, but also offer a solution to any problem that you can foresee because of not being able to meet your deadline.

  • Never promise too much  but still exceed expectations. In other words – underpromise, overdeliver.

    Tip for VAs: Don’t promise your clients the moon – just give it to them if you can.

  • Do things independently and with little supervision.

    Tip for VAs: Google will be your best friend on most occasions. But be smart enough to know as well when you just need to ask your client for a quicker answer.

  • Always proactive and do tasks without being told.

    Tip for VAs: Know which tasks should be prioritized and which can serve as “filler” tasks.

  • Never shy to ask questions especially when necessary.

    Tip for VAs: Asking intelligent questions is always a good thing. It should show or prove that you know your client, his business and its goals, your role, and priorities.

  • Clear about boundaries.

    Tip for VAs: Know when you’ll put on your “assistant hat” and when to put on your “consultant hat”. Sometimes, your clients will need to hear a different angle so don’t be afraid to offer suggestions based on your previous experience.

  • Always pleasant.

    Tip for VAs: Remember, your clients are your customers.

  • Treats client’s business as they would treat their own.

    Tip for VAs: Don’t just be part of your client’s payroll.

  • Last but not the least, always professional.

    Tip for VAs: Be a pro even if you work in your jammies.

How will these simple things affect your clients?

  • They will feel confident that you are someone they can rely on. They are comfortable to go on vacations and still trust that things will still be rolling even without their supervision.
  • They will feel proud that they have you on their team. They start introducing you to their business partners, high-end customers and tell them how great you are. Consider this networking. Everyone is a prospective client or even business partner.
  • They are excited to start and create new things for their business. Which is always a good thing. This means they are scaling and will still need your services.
  • They will be willing to offer you perks that you do not ask for. Clients are most of the time generous especially if they see an increase in profits as a result of your smashing tasks for them. But don’t expect that all clients will do this.
  • They start to treat you as a valuable part of their business. It is always a great feeling to be valued for the work that you do, right?

It is important to keep a positive working relationship with your client.  This will build trust between you and your client. Besides, focusing on building a good relationship with your clients is way better than spending time and energy overcoming the problems associated with your client’s lack of trust.


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