5 In-Demand Skills for Virtual Assistants in 2017

5 In-Demand Skills for Virtual Assistants in 2017

Are you thinking about working from home? Becoming a Virtual Assistant can give you the flexibility of work-at-home setups but the competition can be fierce. If you want to gain leverage, below are five in-demand skills for Virtual Assistants you should be honing.

Content writing

Blogs are only one of the many ways businesses can market and advertise their products. There are only so many freelancers these days who are marketing their skills as blog or content writers. To be fair, there is a number who are actually good at their jobs. To have an edge over a large number of freelance content producers around the globe, what you need to do is learn how to write blog posts that are timeless and valuable. Collate all of these blog posts and create a sample blog. This way, potential clients can see that you are one of the best writers out there.

Social media marketing

You should get to know how consumers behave in social media, and how the platform could help you market any product. Be familiar with the ins and outs of social media platforms especially Facebook. If you can conduct research or offer customer care services through Facebook, that will always work to your advantage. It will also do you good to know how different target markets use different social media platforms, and the best practices any virtual assistant should keep when using these platforms.

Creating landing pages

Landing pages can either do good or bad to any business. Even the best writers are not always equipped with the right set of skills to create excellent landing pages. If there is a keyword online businessmen love, it is conversion. If you have the skills to create good landing pages, then you should be happy to know that this is one of the five In Demand Skills for Virtual Assistants this year. If you feel like your skills still need work, you may enroll yourself in webinars or invest in e-books to be more competitive.

Email marketing

Email marketing is not dead. Not at all. Businesses are now leveraging into this quiet platform. Email marketing, however, is tricky business. One wrong move and you can be well on your way to producing material flagged as spam by your recipients. Just like blog writing and creating landing pages, you need to know just how to make your message valuable. Know the basics of email marketing. Make sure you are respecting the recipient’s email space by only sending messages that they have chosen to receive. Email marketing is hard for some because so much of it is about online etiquette. If you are perceptive, you might want to try honing this skill. A good email marketer is an excellent communicator to different sets of customers.

Marketing strategy and management

While specialized skills are included in the five in-demand skills for Virtual Assistants, one if the best paying jobs are being a market strategist and manager. For this, you will need to know at least the basics of each aspect of online marketing. You must also be able to plan, schedule and execute specific types of content. Knowing how to manage people remotely will always be a plus. This is mostly supervisorial work which could be challenging given how your team is only meeting online. However, if you are a natural at it, you will attract big companies as clients.

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