Joy Collado’s Virtual Assistant Journey – From Dreams to Reality

Joy Collado’s Virtual Assistant Journey

This week, we’re featuring another Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. Joy Collado is a Customer Support Superstar. Yes, that’s her official job title. She’s also a freelance writer. In her free time she daydreams about her novel trying to figure out how to write it.

Let’s jump right into the interview:

How did you get started as a Virtual Assistant?

I learned about Virtual Assistance in 2012. Back then I was working as an accounting assistant in Metrobank. I wanted to build my own business and have something I can call my own but didn’t really know what kind of business I can venture on. So when I learned that VAs can work from home, I attended some seminars to learn more about it. It was March 2o13 when I landed my first (and currently) full-time VA gig.

The beauty of my full-time VA gig is that I have flexible hours. And during lean season I have a lot of vacant (paid) hours. So in my free time, I also do freelance writing and some fiction writing.

What are the 3 most important things to consider before working with a client?

First to consider is the rate. If you’re juts starting out, for me it’s okay to settle for an average rate and then as you get more experience, it’s important to develop more confidence to raise your rates. Before accepting a client, ask yourself if you’re okay with the rate. Listen to your gut.

Second, be aware that there are lots of opportunities for VAs out there. Don’t accept working with a client thinking nobody will hire you. Don’t settle for less especially if you have experience and skills.

Third, get to know the client first before working with him/her. Research their reputation or online presence. Listen to your gut. Clients interview you so they can get to know you more, use the interview to do the same. Don’t be afraid or shy to ask questions.

How do you see yourself 5 years from now (from a career perspective)?

I see myself as a published author. 🙂 By then I want to be writing full-time.

What is your greatest achievement as a VA?

To able to tell myself I’m doing something that matters.

Before becoming a VA, I thought goals were just “dreams.” Now, as a VA, I consider it an achievement that I am actually little by little achieving my goals. Now I can tell myself, “Wow, I accomplished something.”

Who is your role model?

Can I mention 3 names, please? 🙂 1. Joanna Penn  2. Jeff Walker  3. Chalene Johnson

If you’d like to learn more about Joy, visit her website or follow her on Twitter

If you’d want to get started working from home, read the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Virtual Assistant.

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