Meet The Real Rockstar Virtual Assistant

Meet The Real Rockstar Virtual Assistant

You know how some online job postings usually use the phrase – “looking for a rockstar Virtual Assistant”? Well, I think their search is over. Caren Tevanny is the real deal.

Caren is the vocalist and rhythm and lead guitarist for the band Tevanny and she also works as a Virtual Assistant specializing in social media marketing and Facebook advertising. Now, if she isn’t a rockstar Virtual Assistant, then, I don’t know what she is. 😀

I had a quick chat with Caren where she answered a few questions about how she ended up working online. Plus, if you continue to read on, you’ll get to watch a short video of her performing her band’s latest single “Desire”… Rock on!

How did you get started working as an online professional?

I started when I wanted to learn how to market my band through Social Media.

How do you manage your time between being an online professional and a musician?

It’s really great to have found something that I can work on and at the same time still continue my music career.
All my jobs are mostly in the morning and most of my gigs are at night. In any case I would have guesting or shoots, then I guess I have my laptop and pocket wifi with me so I can still work on stuff wherever and whenever. It’s totally something that fits my lifestyle!

What’s your specialization/services that you offer? Will you give us an overview of how you’ve acquired your skills?

Social Media Marketing and Facebook Advertising. I actually acquired this when I started working in those online T-shirt company in U.S. Then, I started to understand how they promote their products and learn that I could do and apply the same strategy with my music. So, I started to get promoted and I got as many jobs related to Facebook Ads and Social Media and my employers would enroll me on training and webinars. After some 3 years, I was able to be good at what I do online.

What’s your top 3 tips in making sure a client hires you?

Be confident, Be honest and Be yourself.

Just for fun, if you were a super hero – who would you be?

Alice Abernathy/ Resident Evil

Here is Caren playing Green Tinted Sixties Mind by Mr. Big at the Gears of Rock 2015

Connect with Caren:
Twitter/Instagram: @carentevanny

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