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Gwenn Remote StaffI had an opportunity to work from home for the first time as a Virtual Assistant subcontractor for Remote Staff.

I remember very vividly that 1 text message from my friend who asked me if I wanted to work from home. I never had a second thought and told her “yes” because first, I trusted her and second, I just left my job and my savings are depleting as fast as Bruce Willis’ hair.

I was so excited to learn about the opportunity of working from home. This came in as an answered prayer at that time because I just couldn’t imagine myself working in a call center again. My life was not just fit for it anymore. I was a mother of two with an OFW husband. The fast-paced, erratic environment was just too much for me already.

In this blog post would like to share with you my Remote Staff experience and the process that I went through in applying:

(Important Note: This was in 2009. Their hiring process may have changed by now – not sure.)

1I submitted my resume through their online portal. Included a short voice recording to introduce myself.
2I waited for their call for an interview. Instead, I received an email that I have an interview schedule via Skype, after 3 days.
3I showed up for the Skype interview wearing a smart casual top and a pajama. 😀 I went through the usual interview question and answer with Remote Staff’s friendly recruiter named Paola. I was told I’ll have a second interview with the co-owner, Rica.
4I showed up for my second interview with Rica. This is when I was asked how much I'm willing to be paid for the job. I thought about it beforehand. I told myself I wanted a payment that was equal my previous salary and not go lower than my previous net salary. I was told that my demand for a salary equal to my previous job is too high and that they can offer me something lesser than that. I was a bit disappointed but at least the offer was more than my previous net salary. So, I agreed to move on with my application.
5 I waited for my job offer. I signed, scanned and sent it to Remote Staff via email.

After undergoing the application process, I was finally on board. I received my welcome email and followed all the instructions they sent including setting up a time tracking software.

I remember my first day working as a Virtual Assistant, I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect – I never talked to an Australian (client) before and I was scared that I might not understand their Aussie twang.

I started to be less anxious as I talked to Brenda and Colin (my clients – they are partners both in life and business :)) more often because I immediately sensed that they are pleasant and sincere. Working for them as a VA was truly a worthwhile experience.

I learned a lot of new things related to online marketing, newsletter management, website management, social media, customer support and database management. This experience made me love working from home as a Virtual Assistant so much! I liked how they gave me clear instructions, quick feedback, and support, independence and perks like paid leaves and performance-based pay increase and bonuses.

(*Note about the perks: This is something that was given by my clients as an act of generosity. This is not a part of my contract with Remote Staff.)

I remember I was given my own segment in my client’s newsletter where I get to write about my experience as a VA at Remote Staff. This is what I wrote:

“I have to confess I have been unbelievably impressed working as a subcontractor for Remote Staff. Not to be a suck-up (excuse my term) but Remote Staff experience is just the most satisfying job experience I have ever had. I never experienced a delay with my payroll which is the very, very important. The in-house staff is very (virtually) approachable, totally an open-door management policy.

Having a VA job seems to be an unfulfilling job for some because you just get to stay home and sit in front of your computer, click that mouse, type something, call someone to sell something…It’s true I get to do all that (not yet on hardcore selling though) but it’s not at all unfulfilling or a no-brainer. In fact, it’s challenging and if you think you need a “chill-ax”(slang: chill-relax) job then Remote Staff is not for you.

Basically, the whole scenario is… this job is your typical work in the corporate world or call center but you just don’t get to travel long hours to get to your job because it’s right there, within an arm’s reach…All I am saying standards should not diminish when you get a REMOTE STAFF job… In fact, you should even find more ways to “schmack (is that an actual word?!) yourself in the face” and motivate yourself to meet or go beyond your client’s expectations. Your client has a business to run and most of the time you will be left on your own. And that is where the dilemma starts..when you are alone..what will you do? “Sleep” on the job? Or have the integrity to live up to the work standards you claim you possess during your job interview? For you to grow in this kind of working environment, you need to constantly learn and study on your own – train yourself with the best available materials you can get. Through this, you will bloom in your independence – and that’s the best thing you can achieve by working from home.”

*You’ll see this text (with some typos/errors ;)) as a testimonial on their website. I would have written it better but too late now. I asked them to edit it but I guess they are too busy to update an old testimonial. Well, it doesn’t matter because I suppose you got the point, right? 😀

Remote Staff made it a pleasant work experience for me, all the more, by making sure I receive my pay on time. This was a big thing to me because I had 2 small kids back then. Plus their staff were so friendly and during that time, you can easily talk directly to the owners of the company. I heard I was subcontractor #40 or something…not sure.

I would recommend Remote Staff to those with a corporate background who would want to transition to becoming a Virtual Assistant because their process is so streamlined and professional. It will be no different from your previous corporate job except you get to work in your jammies.

If you’d like to learn more about how to work as a Remote Staff subcontractor, watch this short video:

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