My Virtual Assistant Journey

Virtual AssistantMany people fear the unknown and I admit that I was one of them.

I never liked the idea of failing so I never dared to dip my toes in the water.

All I was, was an expert canoeist in the vast sea of life.

Not until one fine day…

I snapped and completely lost it! I jumped out of my canoe and swam in uncertainty.

Crazy? Yes.

Smart? Not really.

Worth it? Hells Yeah!!!

In 2009, I decided to leave my job in the advent of the global recession to re-assess my future.

I knew in my heart that it was the right thing to do.

I was just plain tired of the 2-hour commute going to work and all the office drama.

But more importantly, I felt that my kids needed me more…

With heaps of hope, faith, and courage, I took on a new role of being a full-time mother.

Being a full-time mother is fun but when you don’t have your “own” money, you morph from being a loving mother to the mother of all screw-ups!

With the grace of the Almighty God, before I turned into a mother beast, out on a cursing rampage…

I got a message from an old office mate/friend who remembered me by my famous words “I hate (going to) Makati!”

“Do you want to work-from-home? You’ll earn dollars.”, she said.

Well, the words earn + dollars sounded like music to my ears so I said YES.

This is when my “adventure” as a Virtual Assistant began…

My name is Gwenn Doria.

I am a mother of 3, a wife to 1 and a friend to more or less 700 Facebook friends.

Gwenn D

Yes, this is me. One of my kids took this photo. 🙂

I always like to describe myself using this metaphor – “I am the Phoenix resurrected from the ashes of the past”.

Because I am deep like that. 😉

But actually, I read this in a magazine’s horoscope section when I was in college and it just never left my mind.

I remember the feeling I had when I first read it – the feeling of hope and power.

So, I started using this caption everywhere – in my old Friendster profile, early Facebook profile…

I even went close to writing it on bathroom walls and using it on my resume…

…and now in this “About Me” page. 🙂

It pays to be “well-read”, right? 😉

Not my tattoo. Not my arm. Image from Pinterest.

Not my tattoo. Not my arm.
Image from Pinterest.

Let’s go back to my Virtual Assistant journey…

I am sure my story resonates with a lot of mothers (even fathers…Ok, parents.).

In no uncertain terms, I was so unhappy with how my corporate job is affecting my life as a parent.

But everything changed when I started working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

This opportunity has given me things I never thought I’d have everrrr like:

  • more time with my family
  • the most awesome boss – myself. yay!
  • financial freedom
  • way more positive attitude towards work
  • positive attitude
  • patience and passion to learn new things
  • patience
  • passion
  • Other awesome things I couldn’t remember (at the time of writing this page)

I’ll be sharing more about these things here…

So, if you are looking for a way to get started or level up your Virtual Assistant career, you are in the right place!

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Now, here is the usual bio bit for an About Me page…

I started working as a Virtual Assistant in 2009 and had a great opportunity to take on different Virtual Assistant roles as a:

  • Communications Manager
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • SEO Assistant
  • SEO Project Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager

Here is what some of my clients say about me:

"Gwenn is conscientious and reliable and pays great attention to detail. From my point of view – even more importantly she displays high levels of initiative and can be relied on to work out what needs to be done and get on and do it. If she doesn’t know how to do something she will research and implement. She is also very personable and easy to work with."

~ Brenda Thomson (NetworkingWorld)
brenda thomson
"I would highly recommend Gwenn to any business owner looking for a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced employee who is well-versed in a wide range of tasks. Gwenn has played an important role in setting up our business processes and making sure things run smoothly."

~ Brenton Ford (Effortless Swimming)
"I enjoyed working with Gwenn, who helped out on a lot of social media and marketing related tasks. Very capable, intelligent, and organized, Gwenn knows how to search for answers, implement, and properly report back on her activities. Should you be in need of an experienced and capable Virtual Assistant, you should definitely reach out to Gwenn."

~ Neal Schaffer (Maximize Social Business)
"Gwenn has been such a great asset to my online marketing team. She's a great writer and understands the English language very well. She has the ability to manage easy and complex tasks and has been great to work with. I'd definitely recommend Gwenn if you're looking for a talented new team member!"

~ Jen Smith
(Jen Smith Social)
Jen Smith
"Gwenn is a reliable, responsible and very friendly person. I could always trust her with all the work entrusted to her and she didn't need any guidance. She always had very good insights about our product and was not afraid to share it. She is very nice and empathetic with customers and colleagues. It's a pleasure to work with her."

~ Karina Norkaitienė (Mailerlite)
"There was no task too big or small and if she didn’t know how to do a task she would research it to find a way. Gwenn displayed high levels of initiative and was easy to work with."

~ Emily Mason (MindShop)
Emily Mason
"Gwenn is very organized and excels with many projects, including marketing, blog post writing, and creating reports. She was of great help to us and we appreciated her work."

~ Kelsey Jones (Search Engine Journal/ Story Shout)
"Gwenn is a professional blogger and newsletter creator. You give her an outline and she will write a blog post or create a newsletter to your liking. Her work is professional, concise and excellent. I enjoy working with Gwenn, I will always ask her to compose my blog and create my newsletters."

~ Phyllis Jackson (Uniquely 40 LLC)
Phyllis Jackson, Uniquely40 Founder
"Gwenn is a very experienced Virtual Assistant who is a true professional that stays on top of changes within the marketing, social media and SEO space. She is able to utilize her knowledge to keep me up to date with the current market AND efficiently implement agreed upon strategies. As a business owner her knowledge alone has saved me a lot of time and energy and enabled me to focus on strategies for the business, rather than the actual day-to-day tasks needed to implement my vision. She is extremely resourceful, punctual with deadlines and a perfectionist."

~ Lisa Martin
"I received a very impressive, quick, hassle free result and am absolutely impressed with the level of service Gwenn provided. Beyond my expectations! She was efficient, friendly and very helpful. "

~ Gordana Lukac

Prior to working as a Virtual Assistant, I was employed in various Business Process Outsourcing companies, where I specialize in customer service and business operations management.

The following are the industries I’ve worked in:

  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Information Technology
  • Commercial Banking

Whew! Nuff ‘bout me. I’d love to get to know you!

If you’d care to give me a quick hello – click here!