Lessons Learned from Remote Executive Assistant, Rea Yadao

Lessons Learned from Remote Executive Assistant, Rea Yadao

In this blog post, I’ll share with you my interview with Rea Yadao, a Remote Executive Assistant and Training and Development Lead of

Let me give you a background of Rea by sharing with you her introduction video here:

Now that you’ve gotten to know Rea a little by watching the video, why not get to know her more?  Read on as Rea shares some of her lessons learned from being an online professional, some tools of the trade and valuable Virtual Assistant tips.

1. How and when did you start working from home?

I started working online last 2013. My marriage then was on the rocks and I needed an additional source of income on top of my regular work. I took a part time job doing back office support online and do it after I go home for about 3-4 hours. I have been doing that for nearly 4 months when I got retrenched from my regular job. I was given a good separation pay which I used to buy a good laptop and I paid the tuition fees of my two children for the whole year. I started going full time by asking and researching on what services I should offer and which websites should I go to to get an online job. Before I created my online profile, I researched first and assess what clients were looking for and what I can offer as a service based on my skills.

2. What facet of virtual assistance do you specialize in? What are the tools that help you be productive and effective in your role?

I specialize in providing remote executive administrative services. As for tools, I have a lot of tools that I use but here are a few of them:
  • Freedcamp – I use this for project management and task assignment within REA Solutions.
  • Toggl – I use this for time tracking and billing.
  • For communication, I use the following: Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Skype, Slack
  • For calendar and task tracking: Google Calendar and Google Keep
  • For design: Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Photoscape
  • For audio editing: Audacity
  • For video editing: Movavi Video Suite
  • For document preparation: Google Docs, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat X Pro

3. How do you effectively work with your clients? Please give your top 5 tips.

  • Communicate.Communicate.Communicate. Never break communication with your clients. Always keep them updated about your progress and feel free to ask any questions you may have about different tasks.
  • Know your client and their business. As an online jobs professional, you need to know what your client does and how they go about their business. You need to know what platforms they use,what is their preferred means of communication and the nature of their work and their brand.
  • Be honest. Let your clients know what you are doing or if you are familiar with a particular platform or not. I never believed in the saying “Fake it until you make it” because it is very unprofessional to claim to know something when in fact you don’t know it.
  • Never be afraid to learn. In doing online work, there is always something new to learn thus give yourself a learning curve to know new platforms, services, etc. Do not have scared in doing something new because not only does it help you provide better service to your clients, it also adds to your current skill set which you can offer to future clients.
  • Keep it profesh. I believe that in the online industry, your clients are your clients. They are not your friends so always be professional in all of your communications and maintain professionalism and good work ethics.

4. How has your previous corporate experience helped you in your current role as a Remote Executive Assistant? Please give an example.

I have 10+ years of experience working in the BPO Industry both in Customer Service and Technical Support and 6 years of those spent as a supervisor handling an average of 10-15 agents so task management and project management is not really a big transition as well as administrative work as I have already been doing that in the BPO industry. I chose a niche that was already suited to my skill set and reached out to my ideal clients (solopreneurs, SMEs, SMBs, online coaches, etc.).

5. How are you affiliated with Online Jobs University? What is your advocacy?

I am currently the Training and Development Lead of We provide affordable online jobs training to anyone that would like to start their online jobs career. Together with DICT and Digital Career Philippines, we go to different areas here in Philippines as well as around Metro Manila providing live training and seminars about online jobs. We also conduct webinars about different topics in starting your online jobs career or enhancing your skills as an online jobs professional.
Get in touch with Rea through her website www.
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