8 Tasks Successful Entrepreneurs Outsource to Virtual Assistants


Entrepreneurs embody the “can- do” attitude. While others are mired in 9- to- 5 jobs, confined within four walls with no clear future in sight, entrepreneurs have taken their career by the reins and chart their own path. But passion, determination and commitment can only take you so far. Running a business requires efficient management of resources including time. There are not enough hours in a day to do everything. This is why successful entrepreneurs outsource tasks to Virtual Assistants.

A Virtual Assistant is a person who works online from a remote location and is contracted to render a service. But why should an entrepreneur hire Virtual Assistants over a regular employee?

Greater Productivity.

Virtual assistants get paid based on productive hour. They have to meet milestones and time-tables to get paid accordingly. Also, by delegating some tasks to the Virtual Assistant, you can focus more time on core activities.

Improved Flexibility.

Virtual Assistants can work different shifts. You can have your business managed even after regular office hours.

Given these benefits, hiring a Virtual Assistant would be the best option for an entrepreneur. Author, Speaker and Blogger Tim Ferris has credited his decision to hire virtual assistants as a significant contributing factor to his success.

Lower Cost Option.

Technically, a Virtual Assistant is self- employed and contracted only for a limited period. The entrepreneur does not pay the Virtual Assistant employment benefits and does not incur additional costs in operations.

Here are tasks successful entrepreneurs should outsource to Virtual Assistants:

1. Administrative Tasks

Most entrepreneurs spend their time checking e-mails. This is an important but time- consuming task. Often times, the entrepreneur has to peruse relevant e-mail past marketing content and other unimportant communication.

You can delegate e-mail management to the Virtual Assistant along with other administrative tasks such as:

  • Calendar management
  • Appointment setting
  • Phone handling
  • Limited communication
  • Travel and dinner reservations

These are categorized as non- essential tasks but have important roles in keeping the business organized.

2. Bookkeeping/ Accounting

Entrepreneurs know how important it is to keep track of cash flow. But maintaining and updating cash transaction records can be difficult.

By delegating bookkeeping and accounting duties to a Virtual Assistant, the entrepreneur can be assured he can keep track of his business’ finances.

The Virtual Assistant can prepare payroll, manage the General Ledger, update journals and most importantly, provide the entrepreneur with monthly financial reports.

3. Web Design and Development

There is a Virtual Assistant for nearly every skill needed and that includes web design and development.

If your business still does not have a website, you are denying the enterprise a great opportunity to capitalize on the large markets in the Internet.

If you do have a website, is it updated to meet the demands of the consuming public? Is it mobile responsive? It is accessible by multi- browsers? Does it download fast enough?

You should hire a professional web designer and developer to address your website needs. You can easily find a Virtual Assistant with the requisite skills to build and develop your website.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a very powerful tool to build inbound traffic to your website.

Not only can you use social media to build networks and connections, but you can harness its power to acquire markets, qualify leads and convert to sales.

But social media isn’t just about posting and sharing content. It takes strategy and purpose to run a successful social media campaign. And of course, this takes time which most entrepreneurs hardly have.

Delegating social media marketing to your Virtual Assistant will ensure all of your posts, articles and marketing materials will be distributed online. She can also engage for you should your content generate responses.

5. Blogging/ Article Writing

Writing is a skill we are taught at an early age. But blogging and article writing for the purpose of generating business is a whole different story.

There are virtual assistants who have the experience to write engaging, relevant and compelling content. They also have the training and expertise to incorporate keywords within the content to have your material found online.

Blogging is one of the most effective online marketing techniques you can use for your business.

6. Online Research

With market conditions changing at a frenetic pace, you should always be updated on developments in your industry.

But market research needs to be comprehensive. You have to analyze statistics, facts and figures and these will take a lot of time and effort to collate.

A Virtual Assistant can dedicate time to conduct the research and have it ready on your table for review.

7. Data Entry

In today’s world of Big Data, having the means to organize and update customer information can be a very cumbersome activity. But it is necessary to get done on a regular basis because misinformation can lead to missed opportunities.

A Virtual Assistant can oversee your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program or create a simple programmable spreadsheet file for you. Having an accessible and efficient data entry system is important for your business to remain competitive.

8. Preparation of Presentation Materials

Sometimes all you get is one shot or the opportunity of a lifetime. You have to make sure you can present your value proposition in the best way possible.

Virtual Assistants are well- versed in running MS Office particularly spreadsheet, word processing and Power Point programs.

These programs are commonly used to make presentation materials. Not only should you have an appreciable level of proficiency in these programs but you must have a measure of creativity as well.

Virtual Assistants can design and produce eye- catching yet highly effective presentation materials that can help you clinch the deal.

There are other tasks entrepreneurs can outsource to virtual assistants. If your business needs customer support, you can hire virtual assistants to prepare trouble tickets, respond to e- mailed concerns and manage chat support services. If you need past client marketing done but don’t have the time, there are Virtual Assistants with the skill, experience and personality to reach out to former clients.

The value of having your tasks outsource to Virtual Assistants, is that entrepreneurs will be able to allocate more time in the day to get more productive things done.

Author bio:

Felix Tarcomnicu is a Virtual Assistant from OutsourceWorkers. He enjoys helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by applying outsourcing solutions.

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