VA Success Story: Liberty Baldovino aka The Youthful Granny VA

VA Success Story: Liberty Baldovino aka The Youthful Granny VA

Liberty Baldovino has been one of the most interviewed Virtual Assistant last 2016. For one, she has been featured by Freelance Blend Founder and Host, Marvin de Leon. To watch the interview, click the play button below:

I’ve also gone ahead and reached out to her to ask her 5 simple and straightforward questions about her Virtual Assistant journey. Read on…

1. What prompted you to work from home as a freelancer? When did you start your journey?

I needed to do something about our financial situation – all three kids were studying that time, and a teacher’s pay and my husband’s earning from our car wash just were not enough to support all our needs. luckily, a friend of a friend encouraged me to do some online selling. This friend of a friend offered me to sell online English Proficiency courses to schools through cold calling. Then he suggested me to create a profile in Odesk, now Upwork. I started my online journey way back 2011. I was still teaching then.

2. What were your fears as you were beginning your freelance journey? How did you get over it?

My fears: instability of income and regular clients, small pay, doubtful of my capabilities vis a vis millennials who dominate the market
I got over it by upgrading my skills and knowledge. I scoured the net for all sorts of free courses. I am a fast learner and a tenacious one at that, so learning was not too difficult. I kept on applying to jobs. I started with a low rate of $1, (original rate was $11, but nobody hired me for 5 months, lol) but that only lasted for two weeks. My clients saw my work and deemed my skills fit for pay increase!

3. How do you deal with clients who says your asking rate is too high compared to other Filipino freelancers?

I tell them not to look at my rates per se, but on the quality of my work and the value I provide. Not to boast, but my articles have created conversions for my clients.

4. Will you give your top 5 tips to freelancers who would want to succeed in the industry?

1. Beef up your online profile. Use power words when creating it, and really, really be honest with what you’re good at when creating your title/description. Use a clear, professional-looking headshot. Eliminate grammatical errors.

2. Apply as often as you can, especially on Mondays – that’s when most jobs are posted.

3. Specialize on a certain skill. Being a VA is good, yes, but then there are just too many of us online. Zero in on one skill that you are really good at, practice relentlessly until you master it.

4. Keep on learning. Invest in yourself – after all, you are your own business. Enroll in online courses, there are many cheap ones nowadays; read as much as you can and as I mentioned earlier, practice relentlessly.

5. How do you manage work-life balance?

Organization, delegation and socialization. I organize my time well and delegate tasks to my staff. Doing so allows me to bond with family and friends and attend events and competitions. All work and no play makes Liberty dull and beastly, lol!

To learn more about Liberty and her work, visit

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