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The Virtual Assistant’s Hub Founder and Chris Ducker Fan: Susan Guinto

The Virtual Assistant's Hub Founder and Chris Ducker Fan: Susan Guinto

Susan Guinto is the founder of The Virtual Assistant’s Hub, which aims to provide industry news, training and quality information to Virtual Assistants not just in the Philippines but anywhere in the world. Susan was interviewed as a featured V.A. in Virtual Staff Finder’s Live Google Hang Out a few years back where she shared her day-to-day life experience as a Virtual Assistant and more. She is also a regular article contributor to Business2Community where she writes about online marketing, customer experience, blogging and SEO. Find out how she started and how she grew as a professional in this blog post where I […]

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Epitome of Resilience as a Virtual Assistant: Ella Pelayo

Ella Pelayo

Ella Pelayo was the first Virtual Assistant from the Philippines that I started to follow. She was being mentioned all over the place whenever I search for local online forums for VAs back in 2009. She worked with some superstars like Bo Sanchez, Michelle Dale and Erin Blaskie. Her success as a VA business owner is impressive and one that should be modelled. I’ve had a chance to work with her and her staff. Her staff are all professionals – respectful, helpful and resourceful. Just like their leader, Ella. Despite some hurdles she has encountered with her business she still […]

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Profile of a Kick-ass Freelance Writer: Celine Roque

Celine Roque

“I never grew up thinking that I’d have a regular 9-to-5 job. Growing up I felt my options were always either writer or scientist or both.” – Celine Roque. I think Celine achieved her goal. She’s one of the most kick-ass writers online. Considering her experience in the field, I’d say she’s also one of the most strategic freelancers I’ve known. This is the reason I appreciate Celine as a mentor. The Mastermind group she started is one of my major source of, not just credible info, but also motivation. Celine Roque has been a freelance writer since 2003. She has […]

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How To Succeed as an Upwork Freelancer with Catherine Quiambao

How To Succeed as an Upwork Freelancer

Are you looking for a way to succeed as an Upwork freelancer? Look no further. This week, I interviewed Catherine Quiambao (Founder of Freelancing Philippines) where she’ll share: important tips on how to work as a successful Upwork freelancer her success story in overcoming a rare disorder to becoming a successful freelancer her journey to transitioning from a Virtual Assistant to an Online Marketing Manager Catherine is an Upworker herself. Her 11-year marketing experience is a mix of brand management in local companies and marketing consultancy for US and Australian clients. In 2011, her career was put to a halt due to health […]

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Stellar Virtual Assistant from The Philippines – Sheilah Casaclang

Stellar Virtual Assistant- Sheilah Casaclang

Part of the reason I started this blog is because I wanted to network with and champion fellow Virtual Assistants. I think that there are some misconceptions about VAs and the nature of the job. My aim is to showcase the human side of Virtual Assistants – their failures and successes, their life “offline”, their skills and knowledge beyond being “just an assistant”. For the first in this series, I reached out to a fellow Virtual Assistant from the Philippines – Sheilah Casaclang. Sheilah is one of the most helpful and most sincere VAs I’ve known in the VA world. I am […]

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